Email Marketing and social networks: The danger of the unilateral relationship

That social networks are optimal for spreading content and interacting with customers is something already known by any professional who works with email marketing.

A recent survey, however, suggests that many are using this communication strategy unilaterally. That is, they are only taking advantage of one side of social networks, to easily disseminate content and leaving aside an essential part of that interaction, in addition to having the opportunity to listen to what your client thinks about your product or your company.

The consumer service evaluation company STELLA Service recently revealed in a survey that most of the large companies surveyed do not respond adequately to consumer complaints on their Facebook pages. Those big companies, which include, J. Crew, Victoria’s Secret and Radio Shack, simply left their customers unanswered or even removed the questions from the wall in the social network.

It seems unfair that people use the potential of Facebook only for their own benefit, and do not provide a true channel of communication for their clients, but the worst is the opportunity they miss to receive spontaneous feedback, something weird, that if you take advantage of it you can be extremely valuable

The interaction of email marketing with social networks is a necessity for any more ambitious communication strategy. But it is necessary to always know that this strategy will collapse if you treat social networks only as a platform for disseminating your product and not as the bilateral means of communication that it really is.

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