Creativity, Innovation, Quality and Active Listening, pillars of the success of social media marketing

Often what users of their social networks want is to achieve a large number of followers from the beginning. Although it is normal to think in this way, we must be a bit realistic, it often takes time to achieve good levels of growth, just as it is also necessary to develop a careful strategy to make this happen.

It is important to bear in mind that any strategy in social networks needs to be developed according to the characteristics of our company, its mission and its objectives and attending to the needs of consumers, fans and potential customers. Without having a planned strategy, venturing into the ‘ecosystem’ of social networks can be a real waste of time.

After properly planning a strategy, the level of growth of our page and its number of followers or fans can increase exponentially even though the beginnings can be slow and require patience. From here, there are different aspects that can help us accelerate our critical mass of fans and followers. For this, it is important to contemplate some fundamental aspects that will help us proliferate and achieve our goals and objectives:

Innovation and creativity

Remember how important is the creativity in social networks, it is a unique opportunity to make known our brand, personality or message without having to resort to traditional practices and actions. Highlighting social networks can be as simple as finding a way to differentiate ourselves. To create a style or philosophy to work in a social and participatory environment, and interacting in a friendly, close and transparent way.

We can also make use of this innovation and creativity to generate and share relevant content in which quality prevails, which provide added value and whose feedback can generate a viral effect, greater impact and impact.

Listen and respond

Apart from listening to your fans and reacting accordingly, explore how social networks could help you develop our products, improve services and offer our customers, fans and followers the opportunity to be part of the development of our business.

Criticisms, opinions and comments can teach us much more than we imagine. Our network of contacts and followers can become a kind of collective mind capable of offering us valuable information and clues to improve our products or services, according to your preferences and real needs.

Therefore, knowing how to listen is important, as is knowing how to respond effectively, quickly and transparently. Consumers usually connect with brands when they need your help or get answers, and in them is undoubtedly the proof that can help us earn their loyalty and trust.

Forget the amount and focus on creating community

It is true that, despite the contrary views and topics, a greater number of fans or followers can be important. However, this balance must be balanced according to the laws of quality. 1,000 committed users or fans will always be better than 10,000 non-segmented, disinterested, uninterested and participative followers.

Knowing how to detect who our true prescribers, ambassadors and defenders of our brand may be the key to creating the basis of a solid, active and valuable community.

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