Investing time in content is investing time in advertising

Creative tools, which have used advertising to attract the attention of potential customers, begin to lose efficiency. In businesses and micro-SMEs it is easier to perceive the inability of conventional advertising to get customers. Advertising media on the Internet, such as the digital press, specialized portals and even Google’s Adwords, are designed to cover the demand that exists at a certain time, in other words, these advertising media are aimed at an audience that is in buyer mode and is looking for a product or service to satisfy your need as soon as possible.

We ask ourselves what has been the ability of advertising, to generate demand in audiences that are not in buyer mode and that perhaps are in social mode (social networks) or search mode (collecting information by interest). In this type of public, impact advertising is no longer very effective. So, what do we need to generate demand in an audience that at a certain moment does not know that it needs our products or services, how do we manage to capture them? and then how can we get your desire to satisfy your needs aroused? It seems that what a person appreciates most when they are in search mode or social mode is the relevant content they may have. Apparently the relevant content is a form of impartial communication that is very well received by this type of audience.

If content is a form of communication and social networks help people to disseminate this communication format. Why not advertise through the contents. And I do not mean to embed Banners or advertising messages in the middle of the content. I refer to the possibility that the content is advertising itself. This is already proposed by the Content Branding that suggests that advertisers get involved and participate in the creation of content, along with the media.

For content to fulfill an advertising role, it must have two characteristics. First, be helpful or solve a problem to the one who receives it and second, the message must get the person who receives it notice that it has shortcomings and needs to be covered. Of course, these needs can be met with a service or product like the one we sell ourselves. A clear example is that of an email marketing services company, which generates content on how to improve communication with our contact list and how to generate new contacts. Of course, with these indications we can solve many communication problems, but if we want to reach maximum efficiency it is necessary to hire a service like the one offered by the email marketing company.

In conclusion, today’s advertising should help to get customers through social networks and maintain a constant relationship with them, even when they are in social mode or search mode.

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