Should Your Company have its own Fleet of Vehicles?

There are many ways that owning your own fleet of vehicles can be beneficial for your company, rather than using courier services. They are within your control,, more than a courier service would be, which can ensure you can respond more promptly to customers, they are a great way to advertise your company all over the country, and they are a good employee incentive, saving employees from having to purchase their own vehicle.

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When it comes to choosing what sort of vehicles you need, this is important. Consider the space that you require inside the vehicle and how to maximise fuel efficiency too – for example how far geographically will you be sending vehicles? How much can you store on one vehicle? Could a number of smaller vehicles be more or less economical than one large vehicle? All of these are things that must be taken into account before you splash out on that first company vehicle.

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Take costs into account – look up rules about tax, look into fuel cards and see where you can save money as well as how much you will be spending. It is worth looking into software that will help you run your fleet, such as tachograph software if you are running vehicles that use these, as well as vehicle tracking – vehicle accessories provide vehicle tracking software. Consider all of this before you embark on your new venture so that you are not stung further down the line with something that you had not accounted for.



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