Money-saving tips for drivers

Everyone knows that it is expensive to keep a car on the road, but it is possible to save money as a driver if you are smart about it. Let’s look at some top tips.
Find the right petrol station

Fuel is a major expense for drivers, so shop around and use a comparison tool to see which garage near you is selling the cheapest fuel. This will often be a local supermarket, with supermarkets tending to have great deals, and you can sometimes collect points or rewards. When you find the right pump, don’t choose premium fuel – the regular stuff is just as good and far less expensive.

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Buy the right vehicle

Don’t waste your money on a new car premium that begins to depreciate the minute you drive it off the forecourt. If you use your vehicle for heavy domestic or business use, you may find it is better to buy a van. Save money by looking at quality used vans for sale Birmingham from a trusted seller such as

Buy the right tyres

Choose economical tyres and keep them correctly inflated. It is worth investing in a portable air compressor so that you can keep on top of your tyres and avoid driving on a set that is too soft, which can be dangerous and cost you more.

Haggle on insurance

Car insurance is notoriously ‘adjustable’, so be prepared to haggle and shop around to get a better deal. You will be amazed at the difference this can make.

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Take an advanced driver course

An advanced driver course will teach you many tricks of the trade, such as driving for optimal fuel use, car preservation, and safety on the road. These all translate into lower motoring costs.

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