What is the role of an exam invigilator?

Exams are a part of the UK educational system, whether you like them or not. Exam invigilators are an important part of every school’s and college’s exams team.

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Exam invigilators are responsible for making sure that the exams are conducted correctly and within the time limit. Their main role is to supervise students and ensure that all exam regulations are met. Exam invigilators are expected to do the following:

  • Monitor students to make sure there is no cheating during the exam.
  • Students are given exam papers and stationary.
  • Ensure that all exam conditions are followed at all times.
  • Prepare the exam room and other areas according to requirements.
  • Supporting an emergency situation if necessary, e.g. sick student, fire evacuation.
  • Answering questions that students may have regarding the exam which can be achieved with the help of a Pager System. Visit dinggly.com/ for more information.

Exam invigilators are most needed from October to February, when mock exams are held, and April to July for the main exam period. Exams can also fall outside of this period. They are usually asked to stay for 3 hours, but this can vary depending on the length of each exam.

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This role is perfect for parents who want to work part-time or for students with some free time. This role can be a great stepping-stone for those looking to get into education. No previous experience is required to be an exam invigilator. However, there is training throughout the year so that you are familiar with the role and the expectations.

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