Four Things to Remember to do for your Summer Camping Trip

Camping is a fun and inexpensive holiday, and if you are planning on taking a camping trip this summer, here are some of the things to make sure that you do to make it enjoyable…

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Take Suitable Clothing – You will not only need clothes that keep you cool, but at night it can get chilly even in the summer, so you also need to remember to bring clothes that keep you warm and dry.  Merino wool sweaters women and men can wear, thick socks and cosy pyjamas are all essentials for camping, even in the summer.

Protect your Health – Your health is something that you need to take care of even on holiday, and when camping you should always have a first aid kit to hand to deal with what nature might throw at you! From stings and bites to sunburn, make sure that you have what you need to prevent and treat ailments.

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Keep the Tent Cool – In summer when it is hot a tent can become very warm! Having a rechargeable fan and keeping the tent as well ventilated as possible can stop it from becoming an oven during the day!

Take the Right Food – Camping is all about getting close to nature, so you are not going to have state of the art cooking facilities. Cooking out in the open is fun, but you do need to consider where you store food and also how you can cook it to make sure that you are nourished but you don’t get food poisoning!

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