Tips for showing Potential Buyers around Your Home

Showing your home to potential buyers can be nerve-wracking. It is important to maximise your chances of a sale and to be able to move into the Park homes Wiltshire home that you have carefully chosen. Below we look at ways to conduct successful viewings that may lead to a sale.

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1. Prepare Well

A clean, uncluttered house makes the most of your living space. Carrying out a little TLC here and there may make all the difference. This means keeping trinkets and knick-knacks to a minimum, since buyers want to imagine themselves living in your home and they will prefer a blank canvass.

2. Clean Up

Clean the windows so maximum levels of light come in. Dirty bathrooms and kitchens create a yuck factor – foul for both you and your viewers. If you don’t appear to love your own home, how will anybody else be swayed by it?

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3. The Kitchen Is the Home’s Heart

With the popularity of cooking programmes, celebrity chefs and farmers’ markets, the kitchen is at the heart of domestic life today. In addition to cooking, it’s used to socialise and for children doing homework. This room is the most important to viewers, and an appealing space could swing it for you. Buyers will appreciate an aesthetically pleasing, homely and clean domain.

For more on the dos and don’ts of viewings, see:

4. Avoid the Clichés

We’ve all heard of the supposedly winning formula of having percolating coffee and freshly baked bread in the background when visitors come. But buyers aren’t stupid. Stay natural and don’t try to anticipate your viewers’ needs.

5. Shine a Light

Praise the areas of your home that you consider its main attributes. Refine a sales pitch regarding the best bits, whether this be your gleaming new kitchen, large garden or snazzy bathroom. Don’t be afraid to boast!

6. Make Them Comfortable

Don’t snap at the heels of your viewers or be too pushy and annoying. Instead, make them comfortable and allow them the leisure to explore every nook and cranny. Viewers need to take time imagining themselves at home.

Be on hand to answer any questions and stay informal and light-hearted. If you have a rapport with viewers, they are more likely to place an offer.


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