Owning a Restaurant

Many people dream of opening a restaurant, but it isn’t a venture that suits everyone. Here are some characteristics every restauranteur should have:

  1. They must like people and enjoy making conversation with their customers. Understanding and communicative, with the ability to listen to complaints and respond with positive solutions.
  2. A good multitasker with the ability to juggle numerous tasks at once. You could be answering the phone one minute taking bookings, welcoming customers, ordering supplies, accepting deliveries and dealing with staff. This could all be in just one morning. You’ll need to regularly maintain and replace any kitchen equipment that’s vital to the business. For Catering Equipment Leicester, visit Washtec Services who supply Catering Equipment Leicester
  3. Another trait essential for a restaurant owner is the ability to handle stress. Although stress is a factor in many jobs, owning a restaurant is a commitment like no other. You will be responsible for so many things, the entire business in fact, so be prepared for long days and sleepless nights. Not letting stress consume you is an essential tool to have for any restaurant owner.
  4. The ability to delegate effectively is also important. As much as you want to handle everything, physically you cannot. You must know how to delegate tasks, even if you believe they would be better done by yourself. As the owner, you need to focus on the most important jobs like marketing and managing staff, not washing the toilets.

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It all sounds like a lot of hard work but there are many benefits of being the owner of a successful restaurant:

  • There is huge pride when things go well. There is no better feeling than when customers tell you how much they enjoy the service or the food.
  • There is not much that beats being your own boss, if you can handle the responsibility. It’s great calling the shots but remember that all decisions, both good and bad stop with you.
  • You’ll meet lots of wonderful people. A restaurant is a place where the community gather to socialise and break bread together, so the sense of community and social aspect can be thoroughly rewarding.

Some tougher aspects include:

  • There is not much time for breaks or holidays, particularly in the early years. You’ll work long days and nights and even when you’re not there, expect to be in constant phone contact with the restaurant.
  • You will most likely lose your weekends for a long time. Weekends are peak trading times for restaurants, so you’ll be absent for most weekends for the foreseeable future. If you have children, you’ll need to consider the sacrifice of missing out on family time.
  • Earnings can vary considerably and if tough times are being experienced, remember you’ll need to pay staff before you pay yourself. Owners can often do the most work and receive the least pay so it might be helpful to have some savings before opening a restaurant.
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