Marketing and Travelers 2.0: Internet, starting point in tourism experiences

The tourism sector has evolved enormously in recent years. Above all in their efforts to take advantage more and more efficiently all the tools available to seduce the tourist and the traveler. To achieve this, to differentiate and reach a greater online reputation through the experiences shared and shared by their own customers, companies in the tourism sector have found one of their best allies on the Internet.

An excellent communication channel and a great tool to develop all kinds of actions for the benefit of your business. Internet is now the starting point of the new tourist, traveler 2.0. And for this reason, the experiences of pre-scribers and satisfied customers have positioned themselves as the best reference to value companies that have taken advantage of their potential through a planned strategy. But how to achieve it?

Analysis and evaluation of the situation

Study current trends to adapt your content strategy. This, along with a bit of common sense never fails; although the May bridge is approaching, if you are expecting rain, do not promote beach destinations, because your clients will hate you eternally, opt for relaxing tourism or escapes to rural environments, they also serve cultural or cosmopolitan experiences … the possibilities are many, if you know how to go beyond the traditional.

Your website, the place of departure

It acts as a virtual showcase in every rule, it has the advantage of being able to change it constantly, adapting it to the circumstances, the season or the demand. Esmérate in the presentation of the product, and above all, in its staging. Recreates an environment with marked emotional character, which can hardly be rejected. When choosing, the client will take less into account the price if the promise is attractive, it is much more effective to sell “a stay in charming hotel, in the heart of the city, with typical gastronomic tasting in the establishment, surrounded of images of the surroundings and traditional dishes “, that a cold relation of services such as” 2 nights in downtown hotel, category 3 stars or similar, half board. ”

Social networks, your great allies

They are the prescribing assets of your products. Day by day you must be at the epicenter of online activity, knowing first-hand what users demand, what recommendations they make, what their recent experiences are … they represent a living reflection of real demand. In this way you can focus your message and invest on insurance. Monitor the activity, plan your strategy and act, tomorrow may be too late.

The Community Manager must be present in both generalist and specific social networks, as well as acting in specialized forums. Keep in mind that users place their trust in the recommendations of other users. Before opting for a tourist product, they will look for information in every corner of the online medium. In this sense, there are platforms where you can tell your experiences that reflect the experiences of other travelers, such as Wanderfly, where you can discover and share exciting adventures.

The mailing, direct launch to the user

Your distribution list is a real gold mine, as long as you know how to use it. Create your own database, collect in it both customers, as people who have contacted you at some point, either because they have requested more information or simply have subscribed to your newsletter. Sort your contacts and design a specific message in each case; Do not act blindly, design and calculate each of your actions, do not send messages to the air.

What is your experience as a tourist 2.0? What data are relevant to you when selecting a destination? Do tourist companies satisfy your expectations?

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