Top social marketing issues and solutions

Every day we see more companies launch into the adventure of social networks and in many cases, are our friends with their small businesses and businesses. It is clear that social networks can bring many benefits such as promotion, visibility, notoriety and above all an engagement with our target audience. Apart from all this we offer the possibility of having conversations with our followers, knowing their complaints, doubts and opinions about our products. However, getting the expected results is not easy and more than one has become a real skeptic about social networks and their commercial use.

Lack of experience: First, social networks require time and preparation. As simple as having a profile on Facebook does not mean managing the page of your company, or know how to create content that interests our fans, nor use appropriate language for each channel. Tuenti, Facebook or Twitter although they are all social networks, the audiences in each of them are varied and we have to adapt our language and content in different ways.

Feedback and communication: Just like anyone who knows how to use a typewriter is not a writer, anyone who knows social networks does not become a Community Manager because they do not have the necessary communication and persuasion knowledge. And this is one of the big problems for many entrepreneurs

Null results: Too much time wasted for results. Hours and hours thinking about posting and at the end you will get virtually zero likes, favs or retweets.

If we want to achieve good results in Social Media with our business, in the first place we must know that it is not an easy task, even if it seems first. It takes time, preparation, planning and patience.

Time: Managing social networks optimally requires time and a minimum of several hours a day. Controlling and answering mentions, publishing new entries, finding opinion leaders and creating communities is no simple or brief task.

Preparation and planning: The best way not to go crazy with future publications is to create a strategy with the suggestive themes of which we want to talk on a weekly basis. And plan the various days for a different type of publication. Our mission is not to bore, but to delight and be useful to our audience

Patience: The results in the digital world are not immediate and it takes a lot of patience. Patience to see the growth of our accounts, patience to see how our contents are indexed, patience to see how the feedback increases, etc …

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