PRS-Marketing presents a new report of the most expensive keywords in online advertising systems

The PRS-Marketing consultancy presents a new report of the most expensive keywords in the different internet advertising systems in during July and August. Once again, the system that has supported maximum bids at a higher value is Google AdWords. During this period, the keyword “call center crm solutions” has been the one that has achieved a higher bid hypothetical, reaching the top of 27.94 dollars.

At a distance appears “hosting sql server”, with a maximum price of 21.67 euros. Below the barrier of twenty, we find “online mba degree program”, “weekend Catalonia”, “Madrid office courses”, “hardware antispam”, “weekend Galicia” “web hosting”, “backups online “and, to conclude, at a maximum price of 8.66 euros,” express money “.

While, in Yahoo Search Marketing, the highest bids have reached 10 euros and have been “internet connection” and “home purchase”. Then, below the 7 euros are “loan” and “online credit”, “personal credit”, “presence control”, “clock clock”, “laptop”, “crm program” and, closing the classification , “car insurer” at 3.01 euros.

It should be noted that this business model, which achieves prices significantly lower than the maximum bids in AdWords, is used for much more common words for the average Internet user, not for great experts.

Finally, in the Miva Network, the maximum prices continue to be very far from its competitors, especially Google’s online advertising system, although the different character of the business models must be taken into account (Miva is a network of websites). In Miva, the word that has achieved a higher price has been “credits”, with a price of 0.71 euros.

However, all the words that make up the ranking are with a minimum difference of 26 cents. The rest of the keywords that make up this classification are: “loan”, “fast credit”, “personal loans”, “insurance”, “cheap insurance”, “insurance”, “online credit”, “secure budget” and “secure offer” ” As can be seen, in this case, the sector that most bets on this system is the financial sector.

In general, it can be said that during the summer months, the maximum bids have not experienced a decline as could be assumed due to the dates when many users stop using the internet due to their holidays. In addition, we must highlight the push that, once again, gives the economic / financial sector to online advertising, a medium increasingly used and in which, day by day, companies are putting more money knowing the profitability offered by these systems.

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