Bank launches to conquer technology and mobile marketing

With the arrival of new smart devices and the entry into play of mobile applications capable of interacting with consumers, many have been the sectors that have succumbed to the mobile revolution, betting on this channel for its advertising campaigns and the promotion of its services. So much so that the financial world has become, despite the crisis, one of the sectors that most invests in this support, earmarking more than 1 billion euros a year in the development of technologies and apps for the mobile.

In light of these figures, it is not surprising that the financial sector has become one of the pillars of the world of mobile applications, contributing strongly to its unstoppable growth.

And in mobile apps, banks have found the perfect ally to retain their portfolio of clients that do not have real time to go to the physical offices, look for more comfortable and quick alternatives to pay off their operations.

At the same time, mobile banking allows to attract new customers thanks to the facilities of some entities to make payments through the mobile as if using a credit card, with all the security guarantees.

Along the same lines, Bankinter has also taken a step forward in innovation, revolutionizing mobile banking last summer with the launch of the first fixed-term deposit only contractible through its service for tablets and telephones of last generation. Undoubtedly, a strong support for the mobile environment.

If we look back, Banco Sabadell was the first entity to have a platform for mobile banking for both Android / iPad tablets. Nor should we forget the success of the app from the Aragonese box IberCaja, which in less than a week already recorded more than 25,000 downloads.

All these are just samples of how online banking has become one of the services that most interest arouses among mobile users. Transfers, consultations of movements and even daily operations on the stock exchange “on the go” are steps that represent a great advance and of which we could no longer do without. The mobile train is passing by our side and whoever does not go up now will lose it.

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