Does Renfe really know the feeling of its passengers?

Welcome to the train Does Renfe know the feelings of its passengers?  More than 35,300 Renfe brand names have served BrandChats to conduct a reputation analysis 2.0 of the state train company.

The study was carried out throughout the month of October and we can draw the following conclusions.


  • Last October 11 was the day Renfe was named more often on twitter. Specifically, the tool recorded 3,069 mentions. We can highlight that the 16.2% were mentions with a negative feeling compared to 9.2% of mentions with a positive feeling. The 73.6%of sentiment was neutral.
  • The positive feeling revolves around the incorporation of their schedules and connections in Google Maps, interesting films in the AVE or the relationship of transport with the festivities; on October 12, the Pilar Bridge began.
  • In contrast, the negative feeling is associated with the delay, functionality of the trains, breakdowns and the beginning of a bad day of work to lose a train just as it passed in front.

Source of mentions

  • The 91% of the entries come from Twitter. Renfe has been named 32,322 times in the microblogging environment.
  • Online publications 20 minutes , The Economist and Finance are the most mentioned to Renfe. In total, 289 times. However, if we add the total of newsreels, we concentrate 763 mentions.
  • In just one month we have compiled a total of 775 images and 681 videos .
  • We stored a total of 236 comments in Forums . Some issues debated: the cancellation of regional medium-distance lines, excursions with commuter trains, the lack of safety of Renfe, robberies, the functionality of the Zaragoza commuter line or the connection with Barcelona Airport.
  • In the networks environment, Facebook concentrates 397 mentions against the very notoriety in Linkedin with barely 17 mentions.
  • Although the blog was the least used medium, it concentrates a total of 202 mentions.

Feeling Analysis

  • We have a total of 10 .817 positive and negative mentions
  • The negative sentiment is 65.5% compared to 34.4% positive sentiment.
  • The area where the greatest negative feeling is concentrated is between October 14 and 20, October 18 being the most negative day with 719 mentions.
  • On the other hand, positive sentiment is concentrated in the week of October 21 to 27, with October 26 being the most positive day with 285 mentions.


The main influencers of Renfe are the media and bloggers within the microblogging environment.

Curiously, the popular comedian Florentino Fernández has been one of the main influencers of Renfe. It has more than 668,000 followers and its tweet on Renfe had 46 retweets and marked 12 times as favorite. The effectiveness of his message reached more than one million people.


The whole country talks about Renfe. Even the Autonomous Communities such as the Balearic or Canary Islands that do not have this service in their territory.

  • A total of 6,152 positive and neutral mentions have been concentrated.
  • 33.5% of the mentions are positive.
  • However, 66.48% of the brand sentiment is negative.


A brand will always suspend the evaluation if it does not take steps to improve its reputation and improve the discontent of the people who involve it.

The users value in a positive way the details like the competitions, the extension of services or a good stay in AVE from Madrid to Barcelona and will use their digital means to express their feeling.

But as they express their gratitude, they emphatically express their anger more emphatically. The consumer when satisfied with a purchase manifests it with an average of 3 people however, a disgruntled consumer will show his disappointment with an average of 6 people.

The negative feeling expands and grows more. Delays are the main cause of anger of the towards the Renfe brand. The smells, the usability of the website, the cold in some stations, are also important details to take into account for the comfort of the users.

The main train company in the state would have to observe and take note. Does Renfe know the feelings of its users?

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