9 Features needed to work in Social Media

Social media is one of the most attractive areas of the new markets. But just like having a blog does not make you a journalist, and there are many blogs that swarm around trying to make a hole in the networks, also have a profile on Facebook, a Twitter account or Pinterest or denominate Community manager whatever it is in an inexperienced expert in social media.

Winning is important, but we must also have other characteristics, here we comment some that can help us to identify if we can become experts recognized by the market.

1. Agility

Social media is never quiet, and every day something new takes place. If we want to play this match, we have to monitor the network each and every day to be aware of the news.

2. Training

Do not trust a doctor or lawyer, or any professional who does not study every day or who does not read about their area of ​​knowledge. We must devour everything we know

3. Dedication

Social media is open 24 hours a day for seven days a week. In the same way we. We must be ready at all times. If someone posts something negative in any of our profiles, pages or accounts, and we do not respond before 24 hours, maybe we should think about looking for another job.

4. Strategy

Social media is not isolated, although sometimes they can live in a bubble, but are part of the universe, along with other systems, galaxies, planets, and so on. They are integrated, or must be integrated within the marketing mix strategy of the company. We must understand the company’s overall goals and strategies before implementing any tactics in social media

5. Organized and meticulous

Write, post, monitor, respond and measure in each of the channels used. Organized does not mean being so perfectionist that it prevents us from moving quickly. We need to be able to set up monitoring systems.

6. With humor

Some of the most successful inhabitants of this social media planet are fun, easy-going, and do not take themselves too seriously. A good example, do not you think?

7. Analyzes

It is not enough to just sit and send tweets right and left. We have to analyze what we do and measure the results we get, like any neighbor’s children. A little bit of math will not hurt us.

8. Complete

It is not enough just to be an expert in this “art”, and it is also not good that we are too focused on a single “expertise.” To be really useful in the company we need to have a more complete and global marketing vision.

9. Social

Of course, if we are in networks and social media we must be social ourselves as well. Come out and get some sun and air. Have fun.

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