Scandi inspired storage solutions

Scandinavian style has endured since the 1950s, and if anything, has become a greater force in the world of interior design. Thanks to the Scandinavian furniture suppliers who have made purchasing this look so accessible, anyone can now have the unique combination of warm wood, vibrant fabrics and clean lines that are the hallmarks of this style.

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Scandi works well with minimalism, but how do you achieve a minimalist look and keep the things you need around your house? Storage, scandi style.

Clear away the clutter

Part of the sparse style of the scandi look is that there isn’t any clutter – it’s all hidden away out of sight. Rather than having your items on display on shelves, consider putting them inside storage chests. Made from wood, of course. You get bonus points if you’re able to combine storage with function, so, for example, a foot stool with a flip top lid or a coffee table with deep drawers.

Stacks of storage boxes

A well-placed stack of storage boxes can look more like an ornament than a place to put your junk. To really nail the scandi style, choose wood, wicker or fabrics like burlap and canvas. There is a variety of these on the market now, some with meaningful slogans. Pop them in a corner, angle them so they look like an art display and you’ve mastered another step.

Scandi design

Rather than the carved, dark wood furniture of European history, scandi style is for light duty shelving; pale woods that melt into the background such as these Pairing a slightly industrial look with kitschy fabric or felt baskets and storage boxes is the key.

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Use the unusual

Rather than buying storage boxes, choose a set of hat boxes, or a stack of vintage suitcases. Folksy objects work well, so old farming items or anything that looks like it has a bit of social history attached to it. The same goes for accessorising. Choose unusual objects to bring greenery inside; plant succulents in teapots, watering cans, galvanised buckets or under glass domes to add some living quirk to your home. You can learn more about growing succulents here:

To really capture scandi, just think simple. Keep things out of sight, or find new and interesting ways to display them and you’ve got it covered.

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