Moving to Greece from the UK

If you have had enough of the British summer with months of rain and of course the cold winter months, then moving to somewhere with a more pleasing climate and more sunshine is something that you may be considering.

Moving to Greece from the UK is possibly something that could appeal – with hours of sunshine, fantastic food, a great lifestyle and yet close enough to visit the UK easily and for family and friends to visit you, it is little wonder that many people do consider it and make the leap into a new life in Greece.

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Before you decide to go, it is a good idea to consider how your lifestyle will be when you are out there. These are some of the things to think about…

Location – The place that you want to live is certainly something that you should think about. Greece is a large country and there are many different areas, from busy cities to small islands. What do you want from your lifestyle whilst you are living there? Do you want a laid back pace on an island, or a more vibrant city based lifestyle?

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Work – How are you planning to earn a living when you are there? Looking for work opportunities first and having a job lined up is a good place to start when you are thinking about moving abroad.

Moving – Consider how you will organise the moving process – getting your belongings from the UK to Greece for example and ensuring that you have completed all of the relevant paperwork. Have a moving checklist to ensure that it is all covered.

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