Bloggers, community managers and fashion: Perfect fusion!

Online communication is a good rrpp tactic and a tool to get closer to our customers. Internet, in a few years it has become a very important and growing medium. Nowadays almost all homes have internet and through it they carry out different activities: buying, working …

In the mass media, the press is the means that each year loses, it continues to lose sales but users increase in digital format. Also in this communication, you can diversify the information and adapt it to the different types of target customers of the company, for example Cola Cao makes announcements aimed at a young audience, therefore it will appear on social networks, websites …. realizing promotions, showing his last announcements … that is to say, strengthened his relation with the client sharing documents. A novelty of this medium, that others do not have is that the receiver of the information is also a sender and can send and recommend the information to other users, there is a bidirectional communication or feedback.

Currently, all companies have their virtual space on the Internet, therefore, it is no longer worth appearing, you have to attract the customer.

Community managers and bloggers, are they part of the rrpp?

No doubt they are new professions that have appeared due to the development and importance of the internet today. The community managers, are in charge of controlling the image of your company, product … in the network, since the negative comments regarding the brand, can stain your image and lose customers. They specialize in interacting with the public, solving their doubts and creating new contents to interact with the public. Community managers represent the company in the network, therefore if they are part of public relations, as another charge, within the multiple tasks performed by the professionals of the rrpp.

Although community managers do a good job and the company is well positioned online, it does not guarantee success.

Regarding bloggers, a profession / activity very much in vogue nowadays, is also part of the rrpp, whether it belongs to a company, with corporate blogs or blogs own / egoblogs promoting themselves with content created by them.

Due to the current situation of continued saturation of publicity, the public is tired of so many ads, does not perceive them or if they become aware of them, ignores them. Therefore, bloggers are a

specific public to which the rrpp should go, creating specific events for them, promotions … since they are opinion leaders and the public has confidence in them.

The world of fashion and social networks, should increase their appearance in them?

The world of fashion is also immersed in social networks, as far as possible, since there are many networks that eliminate profiles that do not consider fit or that appreciate that they are not people, but companies.

Nowadays the most used social networks in this world are Facebook and Twitter. They do not communicate as personally as if they were individuals, but they create content to keep their audience up to date and establish a relationship. For example, they usually upload photos of famous actresses with their brand, images that they like either from their collection or from another brand, upload photos of their latest collection, resolve doubts, notify us of offers … This is the case of Vogue Brithis (@ BritishVogue) on Twitter, continually informs us of the latest updates on its website and also uploads photos and comments on the looks, even take photos among the workers of the magazine with a trend look and upload it to Twitter. Regarding facebook, the brand Kling or Bimba and Lola, warn us about offers and promotions,

We try to change the image of the brands and make them closer to the public, as if it were a person, uploading photos, making comments … On the other hand, not all brands are on social networks, they are simply on the internet, through a store online or not appear.

Many times it is due to ignorance of these media and not being able to control the information that is transmitted, or because of the possible creation of fake profiles and give wrong information about the brand.

Fashion brands, in their rrpp strategy should add social networks as a very important aspect. For customers who consider the brand lovemark or its target audience will always be aware of the updates: new collection, rebates, discounts, events, information … is a direct channel with its customers. The big multinational brands that are found all over the world, should also apply this measure but using English, the most important language nowadays and that is spoken all over the world, to communicate with all its public, so it does not have to spend So many resources in adapting to the languages of each country.

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