The risks and negative aspects of Social Media also exist

Social networks are not an infallible method that provides success to any brand that uses them, but can also hurt if it is not managed correctly.

As one example, we all remember the case of #McDStories, where users were encouraged to post on Twitter their experiences with the brand; An opportunity that many did not hesitate to use to tell negative stories related to the consumption of their products; Experiencing the opposite effect to the desired one, giving rise to an authentic crisis of reputation.

Bad planning can ruin the corporate reputation of a brand.Every action should be carefully thought out, assessing the pros and cons as well as the possible negative effects. It must be borne in mind that this is a public exposure of the brand, in an environment where the recipient is on equal terms with her, which can be used to respond favorably to the company’s proposal, interacting with it, or rejecting it Of full capacity.

Every action requires special monitoring and follow-up.Social Media is not the best place to apply that “breeding fame and go to sleep”. Here you have to stay awake seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day. The social networks register a perennial activity, in the era 2.0 the users do not understand of schedules, nor terms, we are in the time of the instantaneidad. You need to keep track of your activity in Social Media, which does not catch you suddenly, especially when you have started a campaign.

You have to be prepared for action.It is important that you plan how to act in the event of a negative reaction, as discussed at the beginning. The Social Media department must have a crisis strategy and be prepared to intervene. This strategy should include the hypothetical scenarios approach and possible solutions.

Brand advocates are fundamental support. They are the main defenders of the brand, they have a high index of credibility, reason why, before an attack or negative comment, they can act in favor of the company. It is important that companies have these guardian angels; Who do not always fall from heaven, but must be able to identify them and foster their fidelity.

Make a later evaluation.Once the campaign is over, it is important to analyze the results in order to draw conclusions. This type of analysis serves in addition to learning, to correct future mistakes and optimize actions.

Who does not risk does not win. Under the circumstances, there are those who might think that it is better not to risk, not “play”, exposing their brand in social networks. In that case you must stop to assess the multiple positive aspects of a correct action and response in social networks. In addition, today the presence in social networks does not only depend on the brand, but its users, who do bet strongly on Social Media, are already there, so they demand the same from the company. The advantages and benefits are definitely superior to the possible adverse consequences.

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