Social Media is the highest priority in the marketing strategies of small businesses

Small businesses, although they have not reached the levels of social media use currently maintained by the largest companies, are starting to rapidly and steadily increase their activity in this type of media.

According to the data of a recent survey, the marketing strategy based on word of mouth are still the most important and valued by a large part of these small companies when it comes to finding new customers. However, this process begins to develop in equal parts, both online and off-line in equal parts.

The use of corporate or commercial websites and the use of email marketing continue to be considered as an important resource within the commercial strategies of this type of company. In general, websites and email were rated the most important marketing tool for business promotion for nine out of ten small businesses.

In terms of media and social networks, Facebook and Twitter are positioned as the most effective and useful social media by 63% and 31% respectively of small businesses, these being some of the largest and most important priorities of this type of business.

In the case of large brands and companies, social media tend to play a more important role although in this case, the use of websites and email marketing are also among the most used marketing tactics.

Some of the reasons why girls adopt the media in a slower way are due to the fact that, principally and generally, they lack a strong presence on the web to start with, less budget and time.

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