The goal of Social Media is to humanize the company and be credible to customers

The search marketing agency Webpositer interviews Paco Viudes, one of the most prominent consultants and popularizers in Social Media Marketing. His words describe this new environment where brands seek to learn and emotionally connect with their audience to improve their products and services, establishing a closer, more credible and interesting communication for their audience.

The words of Paco Viudes in his last interview granted to Webpositer introduce the reader to the universe of Social Media Marketing and the opportunities that this novel scenario presents for the company. His work as a consultant and trainer in Social Media has led him to be placed in a position of honor among the most recognized professionals in this field that is managing to dismantle the traditional approaches of marketing and business communication.

Paco Viudes, CEO of – a consulting firm specializing in Social Media strategies – finds in the Social Web the environment where brands are “another guest and where they seek to be credible and friendly” in the eyes of their audience. Likewise, Social Media gives users the power to comment, criticize and socialize with brands, as well as “decide who to listen to and who does not”. Moreover, Viudes defends the presence of brands in social media to “humanize the company”, establishing an emotional connection with its audience through interesting content that will add value.

Social Media Marketing, a range of advantages yet to be discovered

More and more companies are launching Social Media strategies. Nevertheless, points out that the main problem of companies is in the allocation of resources to this area since “the indicators that can measure the success or not of Social Media strategies have nothing to do with those that were used until now in Marketing and even in Online Marketing actions “. For Viudes, the company that implements social media actions oriented to marketing should “place in the mind of our future customer many emotional variables that make him decide for our product”. Beyond opening a store on Facebook, Paco Viudes defends the safe value of creating an attractive brand for the content it generates, “a more sustainable and credible objective than direct sales through Social Media”.

Its potential makes Social Media Marketing a powerful tool for achieving key objectives in the business world. Listening directly to the client and favoring feedback are essential to “improve the quality of products and services”. Likewise, the generation of valuable content for the user can turn a brand into a benchmark in its sector, achieving that desired emotional link between brand and user. Paco Viudes affirms that the development of actions in social media helps to “test products before their launch”, a technique that for years was only available to few companies. The economy of the medium allows the generation of an optimal positioning of the brand, far from the large budgets of traditional advertising campaigns. Finally,

Discovering the essence of Social Media Marketing: The strategy

Paco Viudes has always defended in numerous talks and presentations that in a Social Media project the important thing is philosophy and not the tool. In this action plan Viudes identifies that “the essence of Social Media lies in a true social strategy of the company”. The orderly and strategic study must be focused on the creation of products that make life easier and happier for people, and make consumers and customers an essential part of this philosophy “creating content with the aim of being credible.” The correct execution of this action will lead to the great final objective: emotionally connecting people, “those who represent a brand and those who consume it”.

However, during his interview with Webpositer, he argues strongly that companies should understand that getting more Facebook fans or followers on Twitter is not a strategy in itself; In fact, basing the objectives on quantitative data is one of the most common errors.

Among these deficiencies is the lack of proper content and the failure to take advantage of Social Media Marketing to favor convertibility. In his argument, Viudes gives the following example: “To get those who are fans to subscribe to our blog or newsletter, and finally decide to buy from our company”. It also identifies another very widespread error in companies that miss out on the offline medium to take their audience to their online spaces by diversifying the added value of each medium.

The true strategy of Social Media will be one that aims to “have an ongoing conversation with your customers and fans,” because to sell the company already has its website.

Recommendations to create an effective action plan in Social Media

Paco Viudes clearly lists the guidelines for the creation of a Social Media project. In the first place, the audience must be identified, understanding that this is not only their clients but “those people who can help amplify their messages”.

Of vital importance is to determine what problems your audience has and what solutions the brand can provide. Your identification and optimal response will be crucial to “earn your trust and respect”. To achieve that the actions gain in effectiveness, Viudes recommends having a deep knowledge of the tools to “create a network of quality contacts”, working in turn in the generation and dynamization of the content. Those companies that create content of value for users will improve their positioning in search engines by prioritizing searches “content that is of interest to the audience because they provide solutions, emotions and different experiences.”

To conclude the interview, Paco Viudes affirms that in the future Social Media Marketing will be integrated into the “DNA of the company”, companies increasingly social and human. The tools will change but there will always be platforms where users express and share their opinions, favoring the creation of better products whose value “will be based on quality and not on price”.

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