Customer service in Social Media: When, how and what to say

At this point no one escapes since social networks have been constituted as the new loudspeaker for customers, an open and transparent means to be heard and in which they hope to find the attention they deserve. The Consumer Preferences Study of Maritz Research indicated that for 85% of respondents it is important that the brand responds through social networks, even 27% are “delighted” to publicly receive their response. Given this new reality, are companies prepared to act?

When to take sides? The sooner the better; When the client makes a request, he awaits his response as soon as possible. Time plays against you, it is a kind of time bomb that, if it is not deactivated in time, can explode in your hands. Social networks are the channel of immediacy, as a company you must show agility and ability to act quickly once you receive a comment from your users.

How to intervene? Social networks are not a country for novices, users have plenty of experience in this environment, where they develop as a fish in the water. To be up to the circumstances you have to have a customer service strategy, which includes a policy of action in each case and where the role of each member of the company is assigned. Design a strategy according to the nature of each medium; the type of response expected on Twitter, where the conversation happens in real time, and the permanence of the message is relatively ephemeral; is not the same as expected on Facebook, whose timeline can become a real wall of lament but you know how to manage correctly.

What to say? The client has already moved, he has publicly expressed his concern and awaits your reaction. Although it is bad to say it, the client is not always right. There are requests that are impossible to grant, but that does not mean you have to ignore the user, or not treat him with the respect he deserves, thus triggering a full-blown reputation crisis. It is always expected by your company a close attitude, open to dialogue, maintaining a friendly and helpful tone. If the problem is not attributable to your management, nor is it in your power to solve it, you have to arm yourself with patience and explain the situation in the best possible way; always showing your degree of involvement and willingness to improve the situation as much as possible. It could also serve in these cases to offer the client special treatment as compensation.

How is the customer service of your company in Social Media? Have you seen yourself in any compromised situation? How have you managed it?

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