Mobile companies and operators: A lot of technology but little sensitivity and attention to the client

Although it is difficult to believe, the network is full of negative comments about all types of companies, and yet we are surprised that they seem to ignore it or not care too much, and continue their business as usual. The clearest example of all this, without a doubt is that of telephone companies and mobile operators, why do they act like this?

Many consumers find it hard to believe that this type of voracious companies, start and use all their commercial artillery to attract customers and then do not really know how to take advantage of its great internal structure to worry about the problems and complaints of dissatisfied customers.

The Internet is like a tailor’s box filled with consumer stories. A black box that collects information and keeps it visible and accessible over time. And the worst is that many of these companies are aware that much of this information seriously harms their reputation as a brand. However, large operators know that in the end, customers will return when they need their service to the outrage of this type of widespread practices, because few companies in this sector are exempt from any controversy.

The problems are multiple and almost unlimited. Continuous and annoying calls at all times to offer new services or offers. Problems and errors of billing, poor customer service that sometimes leave us talking alone, and above all, that torture of the consumer that attempt after attempt fails to make effective their withdrawal. And for when a call that really aims to facilitate the resolution of such problems other than that of a legal office that reminds us that we have a debt, of which we are aware and assume to be tired of such poor treatment?

The Spanish Consumers’ Union itself denounces that the two organizations to which users can turn to solve their problems with telecommunications operators are collapsed and can not cope with claims directed against the sector. And the fact that more than 50% of the sanctions of the AEPD are directed to this type of companies shows the magnitude of this problem. This type of sector for many qualified as covert monopolies highlight the indiscriminate use of the worst practices and strategies of marketing.

Obviously, social networks have opened a new battle front in which consumers have taken the initiative to talk about bad experiences with these companies, but the aspects related to online reputation do not seem to matter too much to mobile companies and operators. they are committed to consolidating and enhancing their image at all costs and through advertising campaigns in all types of media, forgetting the most important thing, customer loyalty and the negative repercussions on their own online reputation.

Getting a good reputation online costs a lot of effort. However, losing it can be a matter of minutes. Therefore,  companies whose online reputation is not positive at all can not remain impassive  watching how they parade before their eyes criticism and disparagement of the brand they represent. However, we should emphasize that the efforts to make a more visible brand does not imply that with this we are working for the satisfaction and loyalty of our customers.

To achieve this objective we can highlight some practices that could be highly efficient in this regard:

  • Create an exclusive customer service channel. A place where users can go to formulate their queries and suggestions with the assurance that they will feel effectively heard and with the certainty that they will find a solution to their problems. The sad reality tells us that 57% of complaints filed by customers do not receive a useful response and a large part of them claim not to find a solution to their problems.
  • Assume their responsibility and send their users a firm commitment to improve their service and regain the trust of their customers. Social networks are the perfect setting for companies to approach their clients and speak to them in their own language. In this way they will feel that they are really important for the organization, and their perception towards the company will improve.
  • Use reinforcement stimuli to generate positive comments,which can counteract negative ones. Surely these companies do something right, and that’s important to let them know. The ideal is to encourage users satisfied with the service to make public their experience, and convey the good image they have of the company.
  • Consolidate a solid community, generate engagement. The great advantage that these companies have is that they have thousands and thousands of users and customers. They can perfectly create a great family, united around the brand; to which they must take care and pamper, to get them to feel integrated and proud to belong to it. In this way they will generate a positive attitude towards the brand that they will transmit in their immediate environment, contributing to improve the online reputation of the company. Companies like Apple have made their own customers the best evangelists and prescribers.

The main thing is that there is a real concern for online reputation, a firm intention to improve and do what is necessary for the good of its customers and consumers, who are the cornerstones of your company. Will they be willing to do it?

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