Losing the fear of Content Marketing

Much has been written about content being the king, that content marketing or inboud marketing are a key piece in the digital marketing strategy of companies … Right! There is no doubt that without good content will not get notoriety and virality in social media. But what does it take for a content marketing strategy to succeed?

Content marketing has become one of the bastions of any social media strategy and online marketing of companies and brands. The need to generate engagement, greater feedback and notoriety, means that brands stay alive and active in a social environment where information is shared virally and traveling at a vertigo speed.

Nobody doubts that offering added value to the client or the user is an imperative for brands, which need to differentiate themselves from their competitors by offering something attractive to the customer. And the content not only helps us to work in that sense, but also serves to improve other aspects such as SEO, our notoriety as a source of information in a certain sector or strengthening our presence and activity in the media and social networks.

According to a report developed by Social Media Examiner, 72% of companies and professionals that develop a content strategy in social media have obtained a notoriety that has led to an increase in their turnover.

That is why companies now have the opportunity to take advantage of the potential of content marketing as a powerful tool for marketing, communication and interaction through which to tell and share stories.

Raquel Torija, Responsible for Content in Redacciona , a company specialized in the development of Content Marketing strategies, highlights the fact that “developing a content marketing strategy can be a challenge for many companies, either due to the lack of time , either due to the lack of resources or trained professionals to develop such work. This leads to few companies that successfully implement a content marketing strategy in their corporate blogs or other communication media. ”

But it is also important to be aware that any content strategy is a long-term issue, it is a task that has to be worked out little by little and that requires a lot of time invested to obtain the desired results.

In addition, its implementation requires having the ability to know and be clear about other aspects. Analyze the interests of our audience, who we are targeting, what is our objective, what kind of stories we want to tell, when is the best time to publish, through what means, etc. As we can see, it can be tedious for a company without resources or means, but willing to do so.

However, the proliferation and growing popularity of content marketing has given value to companies specialized in this field, which offer brands and businesses the ideal solution to not miss the opportunity to take advantage of the full potential of Content Marketing generating information and quality content, with which to make sense of the Storytelling of their business, working with ethics and originality in a professional manner.

In this sense, Raquel Torija highlights the growing interest of companies in their commitment to this type of online strategies, where content is the central axis to gain greater notoriety and engagement, not forgetting that “all this is very important, but it’s useless if we have not done a planning of our content strategy “and adding that” for companies, outsourcing this type of strategy involves a considerable saving of time and money, as well as an investment in the consolidation of the image branded. The important thing is to know its potential, benefits and lose fear. “

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