How to make your food business stand out

The advertising world is saturated. On average, a person is bombarded with as many as almost 2000 banner ads every month, the majority of which will never be looked at. For food businesses, it’s even tougher as names get lost in an ocean of competition. So, what to do?

If you are planning to launch a new menu or want to grow your social media presence, you’ll need some tips:

  1. Know your diners

Think of your business as a person. What would they be like and what message would they portray? Campaigns that target an emotional response work far better than other types of content. Understanding your diners can help you find a message that strikes a chord.

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  1. Use visual storytelling

Unique and novel images will catch the eye so consider showing and not telling. Consumer attention spans last about 8 seconds so sure to tell the story of your business through exciting images. For help with this, consider a Food PR agency at a site like Leapfrog PR

  1. Get abreast of industry trends

Find out what’s trending and how you can tie in with this interest. Knowing what might click with your clients could boost your sales dramatically. A simple tool to use is Google Trends which reveals worldwide keyword trends that peak at different times of the year.

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  1. Find your audience on the correct platform

A great advert is wasted if it’s on the wrong platform. Where does most of your business come from – ordering online or takeaway? Perhaps allowing customers to order ahead via Twitter, for example, will be a good business move.

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