Practically 90% of salespeople plan to use a Social Media Marketing strategy

Companies have begun to understand the need to implement marketing and communication strategies through social media and networks. According to a recent report developed by Unica, of 89% of the salespeople surveyed, Social Media Marketing is used for 53% of cases, while 36% plans to do so in the future. Of this last percentage, 26% of respondents intend to do so during the next 12 months, while 10% plan to do so in a period exceeding one year.

Rich Media Marketing has statistics similar to Social Media Marketing, with 50% currently using it, 23% planning to do so in the next 12 months and 14% within a year.

For Mobile Marketing, however, the numbers are different because at present it is used by 43%, 25% plan to do it in the next 12 months and 16% plan to do so after one year.

If we talk about email, 67% of merchants in North America and Europe currently use email software. However, the correct figures are 80% in North America and 47% in Europe. On a combined basis, only 10% of sellers do not plan to use the mail in the next time.

Now, while European merchants are less likely than those in North America to adopt e-mail, 40% of them report that they have an integrated automated mail data system with those of their customers, compared to only 30 % of North American sellers.

Another interesting fact is that the results exposed a mediocre record of search marketing integration with marketing campaigns and other programs. Less than half said it was something integrated and almost the same number said that it was not integrated. Only 10% said they were very integrated.

To conclude, 68% of salespeople believe that viewing data on the web is very important for customer analysis and 63% see it as very important for making decisions about offers marketing campaigns. A remaining majority believes they are important, according to another study conducted.

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