SEO is definitely still relevant

SEO has long been a vital part of any business strategy, with effective use of SEO greatly enhancing the visibility of a website in search rankings; however, as time has trundled by and SEO has evolved, some experts are beginning to debate whether SEO is still relevant.

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Origins of SEO

Not long ago, SEO was all about making sure components of a website’s landing page were optimised, building links and carrying out audits to address technical issues. Although these are still important aspects of SEO, processes have since evolved to include so much more.

SEO today

According to Search Engine Land, a practitioner of SEO is now more of a content experience analyst, focussing on optimising and deploying content across multiple platforms and devices, and SEO is focused more on the creation of high-quality content at every stage of the consumer journey. This ensures that SEO is still as relevant as ever, but it continues to evolve to meet different and changing needs.

Changes in SEO

There are several reasons why SEO has evolved in recent times, with most of these relating to improvements or changes in technology. Google’s crawlers have advanced, for example, and many content management systems now come with in-built SEO features. Various tools, including detection tools, have also improved, making this part of SEO easier and more automated.

Increasingly, SEO is becoming integrated into the web development process and there is now a definite overlap between SEO and web development tasks. At the same time, new roles are emerging within the SEO arena. Aspects such as content marketing, social media marketing and conversion rate optimisation are all spin-offs from the SEO field and are completely on-trend in today’s market.  Thats why SEO services in London are very important when it comes to helping businesses grow.

Such changes confirm that the SEO we see today is quite a complex and ever-changing affair, yet it is still as vital as ever. Consult any SEO expert, such as seo services in london through elevate who can help guide you in the right direction which is up on the google ladder.  You will be able to see how multi-faceted the process of SEO has become, as have the skills required to execute this pertinent marketing process.

With SEO experts taking on a broader content experience analytical role, particularly with regard to using multiple platforms and devices, this begs the question of how SEO will develop in the future and what further changes we can expect to see.

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