Home removal and the stresses it can cause

Anyone who has moved home or been through the buying and selling process knows how stressful the entire experience can be.  So many elements seem to be out of your control, such as, when will someone make an offer on our property, how much will they offer, how long will it take for the whole property chain to complete their respective parts of the process. You always find something wrong at the last minute like asbestos in the roof or walls which will have to be removed professionally.  If you contact an Asbestos Removal Essex In order to help alleviate some of the stress that is experienced it is important to take control of all of the elements that you can have an impact on, such as planning the moving process and planning and scheduling any decorating that may be needed at your existing or new property.

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The house removal is one such element. When moving all of your possessions from one house to another it is important that where possible you seek the advice and help of the experts.

Here are some ideas on what you should check with your removal company.

  • Are they providing boxes and packaging materials, or do you need to supply these yourself? Also, are you packing your items away or is this something that their staff does for you?
  • When you enlist the help of a removal company mask sure that they either come and see your existing property or they talk to you about the volume of items you have to remove so that they can provide you with a more accurate quote.
  • Make sure to ask whether they are members of the British Association of Removers and it is worth checking out any reviews that they may have on the websites, social media and third-party sites such as yell etc.
  • Asking for details of insurance is always a good idea so that you can be sure you are completely covered for any little mishaps which may occur. If their insurance is not comprehensive enough you can take out some separate cover for yourself.
  • When it comes to your white goods and large domestic appliances check whether they disconnect these before the move them or whether you need to do this before they arrive.

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There are lots more questions that you might like to ask your chosen removal company but these few give you some idea of the types of areas you might want to look at.

Happy moving!

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