How Colour is used in Marketing

Marketing is one of those things that done well can hugely increase the success of a business but done poorly can have a detrimental effect. This is why many successful companies pay a lot of attention to marketing and often will use a professional brand design agency to ensure that they have a strong brand.


One of the most important things to consider in marketing is the use of colour. Human beings react to colours all around us every day, and colours can invoke a wide variety of feelings and reactions. A lot of emphasis is put on choosing the right colours for a brand as it is an important part of getting it right.


Understanding the nature of your business and the message that you want to get across is key when it comes to choosing your logo and using colour in your marketing. Because different colours can invoke different feelings in people understanding what they are and the message that you want to get across is important.  Here are a few examples…

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Red – Red is bold and dynamic and can symbolise danger as well as energy. It is often used by fast food companies to represent speed and urgency.


Blue – This is a calming colour and implies trustworthiness and stability. Financial companies like banks as well as medical companies often use blue in their logo.

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Purple – The colour that has long been associated with royalty, purple has a regal and luxurious feel so is often used by companies selling luxury goods.


Yellow – The colour of sunshine and happiness, yellow is used to promote joy, so many companies aimed at children often use the colour yellow.

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