Why Real Estate Managers Are Using CRM Systems

Is your real estate business still using something as basic as a spreadsheet to manage all your business contacts? Things have moved on in the field of customer relations management, and the most successful businesses have moved on too. With a wealth of high-quality affordable options available to small and medium-sized businesses, there are now no excuses not to upgrade your systems.

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Here are some of the main reasons why real estate managers are now using CRM systems.

Cloud-Based CRM Software

According to Dan Cordingley, Chief Executive at Teradici, the advent of cloud computing has had a greater impact on businesses that any other recent information technology development.

For small businesses in particular, CRM software that is cloud-based presents the most affordable management software option. There are no expensive upfront costs for installation, and it requires no complicated on-site information technology equipment.

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Current Customer Management Systems

CRM for property Management such as that available from https://propertydeck.com/ is increasingly used by real estate managers who are becoming frustrated by their current system or who want to improve efficiency. The systems often come with support services to help customers use them effectively.

They are a vast improvement on manual methods, although some managers have no system whatsoever. Nearly a third use specific real estate software, but a surprising one in five managers have no system at all.

Attractive CRM System Features

The ability to integrate with other systems is a highly valued feature. In particular, integration with a multiple listing service is especially useful. Some kind of automation functionality is also highly attractive, and this could take the form of lead tracking, sales reporting or pipeline management.

When real estate buyers are choosing a CRM system, this is one of the main things that they look for. They also want a system that will allow them to engage interactively with their clients and to market their listings. If the software is available via mobile devices, that is another bonus.

Email automation is an important feature these days, and systems that allow bulk emailing of large groups are viewed as preferable.

Without an efficient CRM system, real estate managers run the risk of potential clients and leads slipping through cracks in the system. In this highly competitive field, that cannot be allowed to happen.

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