How to keep your office costs low

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Costs are the thing that reduces the profits of a company. Everyone is constantly looking for ways to reduce cost. The last cost that leaders generally want to cut is people, not only as this reduces productivity it also creates poor morale. If there is a redundancy package involved this also adds to the cost. What can be done to reduce other costs to avoid this from happening?


Firstly take a look at the premise that you operate from. Does it need some tender loving care or is it a good idea to ship out completely and move onto the next place. Lease review is always a good idea. For many businesses working from home is starting to be a much more attractive proposition with employees coming together at communal sites or utilising Microsoft teams and Zoom. This removes the need completely for an office.

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If you are determined to maintain one, it may well be that your business depends on a recognisable central location so have lease reviewed as one of the priorities. Check out what can be done in terms of maintenance contracts with outside firms. Make sure that you have someone to look at the fabric of the building. A quick job with some Roof sealant now, like that from CT1 could save you a lot of heartache later when

and mould starts to penetrate your offices. The last thing you want is a large repair job later down the line.

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