How to Keep your House Warm Whilst Waiting for your Boiler Repair

There are some great technological advances being made to help us in our homes – from robotic hoovers to Bluetooth controlled – everything! One of the most important parts of technology in the home, especially as we come into the winter months is the heating – when it breaks down, call a professional to sort it out like HPR services a boiler installation Gloucester based company – never attempt to repair heating yourself as it can be dangerous.


Whilst you are waiting for someone to come and repair your boiler, here are some really easy ways to keep your home as warm as you can…


Curtains – Never underestimate the power of a thick pair of curtains. They can really help to keep the warmth in the house. Keep the curtains closed to preserve the warmth, unless it is a sunny day, and the sun is coming into the room – then leave them open and close them again when the sun moves.

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Stop Draughts – There are many parts of the house where a draughts can get in – keep an eye out for them. Keyholes, letterboxes and cat flaps are notorious offenders – you can purchase insulation for these that help to stop the heat from escaping.

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Close Doors – Rooms that are not used should have the doors closed – this keeps the heat in the area of the house that you are using rather than letting it disperse all around the house to rooms where it is not needed.

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