A beginner’s guide to solar batteries

If you are thinking about having solar panels installed, the chances are that you already have a good idea about the benefits they can bring, such as cheaper electricity bills.

You may even be able to get a grant to help cover the cost of your solar panel installation. To find out more, Independent Advisor has a useful guide.

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Maximise your investment

What about when the sun goes down? Happily, there is a convenient solution at hand. Solar batteries mean you can continue to enjoy using electricity generated by your solar panels during the day.

These batteries work by storing the electricity created by your solar panels, meaning you can access it when it is dark outside. This means you can really maximise the investment on your solar panel installation whilst feeling good about using clean, renewable power all the time. Specialists such as https://solarpanelinstallerssw.co.uk/domestic-solar-panel-installers/bath will be able to tell you more; alternatively, ask any reputable solar panel installers Bath.

How it works

When the sun shines, your solar panels will send electricity to your battery, which will usually be a lithium-ion, lead-acid and flow type. The battery charges itself throughout the day by making use of any electricity not being used around the home. Once the solar panels are no longer producing energy, your solar battery takes over to power your appliances. From hairdryers and smart speakers to larger white goods and devices, you don’t need to do anything to switch to this stored energy.

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Too much power?

Best of all, if your panels generate more electricity than you need, it can be sold back to the National Grid. This not only helps other homes to benefit from clean green power but also boosts your bank account in the process.

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