How drones can enhance TV and movie production

Drones are increasingly being used in many industries but one industry where they are making a huge impact is in film and television. Here are some of the ways drones are making a difference:

Crystal clear vision – Drones are able to capture scenery in considerable detail and at angles that normal cameras wouldn’t be able to achieve. They can reach places previously unattainable and amaze audiences as a result. Big epics like Marvel Avengers have successfully used drones to create incredible cinematic experiences. For information on Drone Filming London, contact skypower.

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Aerial shotsdrones are primarily used to get amazing aerial shots that would otherwise be timely, costly and dangerous to achieve. Visually, aerial shots add extra dimension to the plot and storyline and are especially dramatic for pursuit scenes.

The wow factor – the shots that drones can get will literally leave audiences silenced with the ‘wow factor’. Cinematography is a skill that can now be taken to the next level.

Cost savings – Imagine the cost savings of not having to charter helicopters, pay pilots and fill with aviation fuel. Now imagine that you can’t get the right shot, so have to do all this multiple times. Using drones significantly lowers production costs and means more time spent on editing and marketing.

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Action shots – Drones can be particularly useful for action films. Scenes that would have been sophisticated and costly in the past can now be achieved much faster.

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