What are the current trends in CCTV technology?

The last couple of years have seen CCTV technology move further away from analogue and almost entirely to digital systems. AI is increasingly being used in business security, as is ‘As a Service’ use of integrated security solutions which are scalable into an existing operation.

AI – The increasing use of artificial intelligence is helping to turn hours of footage into useful data. The benefit of this is that AI can analyse any patterns occurring and security trends from hours of previously redundant footage that would have been largely ignored. Video analytics is a fast-growing technology which AI is adapting to learn more, the more examples it is provided. Rather than rely on manual checking, which is subject to human error, AI will become even more advanced in the near future.

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Cloud technology – Cloud servers and ‘As a Service’ software are becoming increasingly popular. Using cloud servers allows greater flexibility and a more resilient IT infrastructure for businesses. The issues of maintenance and cybersecurity are taken care of by the cloud provider, making it easier for employees. The ‘As a Service’ model allows businesses to integrate analytic software and access site management features and control. When you need CCTV Installation Cheltenham, visit a site like apmfireandsecurity.com/cctv-installation/cctv-installation-cheltenham

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A cloud network also provides HD video streaming on servers in real time which provides immediate intelligence to security personnel. Some systems also provide apps for mobiles, meaning businesses can check on their video footage at any time and from any location.

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