Keeping Your Van Safe

A van is a considerable investment for your business or one you drive for a company. Unfortunately, van theft is big business for crooks, and often expensive items are left in the back of them, making them an even more attractive proposition. Here are some ways to keep the van secure:

Garage: Thieves are more likely to steal from the street because it’s easier. If you can use a garage or secure lock-up, then it’s less likely to become a victim of theft. If you don’t have one, then it could mean renting one. While not the cheapest answer, consider it an investment in the safety of your expensive vehicle and your business.

Alarm Sticker: Whether you have one or not, a big sticker saying you have an alarm could be enough to deter potential thieves. Better still, fit an alarm as flashing LED lights are off-putting as they usually indicate an ensuing cacophony if the vehicle is interfered with.

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Valuables: It might seem obvious, but when we’re in a rush, it’s easy to forget to hide or remove our valuables from sight. Leaving mobile phones, watches, or tablets on the passenger seat is giving an open invitation for someone to have a go at taking them. Most van owners empty their cargo space of equipment at night, which is a wise move. Imagine the nightmare of losing all your work’s tools or machinery!

Removable Steering Wheel: Nobody will drive off in your van without a steering wheel! Quick-release hubs are great for this purpose and make your vehicle virtually 100% unstealable. Simple works best – if they can’t drive it, they won’t take it.

Immobilisers: – These work by stopping the engine from starting by cutting the electrical supply. Some are set automatically on the locking of the van, and others can be operated remotely. This is a powerful deterrent as the vehicle literally won’t go anywhere. Consider Van Rental Bristol for vans complete with a range of security features. Go to Autolyne for more information on Van Rental Bristol

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Deadlocks: Reinforced deadlocks or deadbolts are added steel locks that work as well as the standard locking mechanism. They offer a backup to the existing locks and effectively make it much more challenging to gain access, if not impossible. 

Van Boxes: If a criminal does make it inside your truck, they’ll be gutted to discover you’ve put everything of value in a safe box. They are steel safes that come with anti-drill locks and are bolted to the interior of your van. Some are portable, meaning you can remove the safe into the house with you, but those that remain in the van are almost impossible to crack.

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