Attracting new customers to your business

Everyone wants their business to succeed. You need to retain and attract customers who may not be aware of your business in order to increase the likelihood of success. Here are some tips to help you increase the number of customers who visit your business.

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Direct people

You need to tell people where they can find you. If you make it difficult for people to find you, they will not bother unless you are a unique or niche provider. If you don’t have a central location, consider investing in digital signage or signposts to make your benefits clear. For Signage Exeter, go to Nettl

Take Action

Improve your footfall by being proactive. Distribute flyers at crowded shopping centres, offer a special or create an exciting incentive to encourage people to visit. Consider hiring a public relations company to handle these tasks for you if you have too much to do.

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Why not print some leaflets and do a leaflet distribution if you want to target a certain local area? They’re a great way to make nearby residents aware of the services you offer. Benefits or special offers should be clear, concise and eye-catching. Include details on how to contact and find you.

Find a partner

Local businesses often work together to benefit each other. Why not join in on something similar in your locality? You could create agreements for each business to refer to the other, make recommendations, include links on their websites, and offer combined specials.

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