2017 is shaping up as the year of engagement and concern for the consumer

We have already entered the last quarter of the year, and irremediably our eyes are on next year, 2017, which is waiting for us around the corner. It is time to reflect, and take stock, what progress have we experienced this year in Social Media? What do we have to do to improve in 2017?

To help understand the current scenario, just published by Awareness, the study The State of Social Marketing Report: 7 Major Findings & In-Deph Analysis, which comes to show us the trends and the result of the efforts made during the present year in the field of Social Media. Here are the main conclusions that are drawn from the report:

The initial approach tells us that companies have a pending issue: study the ROI. They are still focused on rudimentary metrics, which offer superficial data, such as the number of fans, but are not able to figure out how to monetize their actions in Social Media. The efforts made by 66% of the companies are aimed at increasing the size of the community and generating new content. In addition, only 47% of companies measure in social networks and invest in what really matters; Fortunately, a significant 38% think about getting there soon.

The client finally matters

It has ceased to be a number to become a person, with feelings and ability to interact and value the company. The priority objectives by companies are focused on achieving engagement, is the main workhorse for the next 2017, this is corroborated by 78% of respondents. Another of the main concerns, highlighted by almost half of the participants in the study, is to improve the consumer experience.

An effective tool to find out who the consumer is and how they think is the Social CRM, which is only used by 16% of the sample; although the perspectives are favorable, given that 21% declare to have planned to implement this system in a short space of time, during this year.

The budget allocated to Social Media is quite insufficient

More than half of the companies that are funded lack a specific budget for social marketing. On the other hand, do you recognize having a Social Media Marketing team in your organization, which is made up of between 1 and 3 people? at least if you have human resources to get an online presence.

The trends show a growing concern to achieve an effective presence in social networks, as well as to integrate social marketing within the organization. It remains to achieve a certain degree of professionalization, which allows us to use the appropriate metrics and know how to interpret the results to optimize the online strategy. If intentionality materializes on the part of those responsible for online marketing, the evolution will be apparent during the current year.

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