Social Media: Do not stop in the middle

There is a story that speaks of a football club that was going through an extraordinarily bad run, in which everything went as it should not be: they did not win games, they were not in good spirits, they could not make the elemental plays. In short, a disaster.

Faced with such a difficult situation, and after completing one of the parties that lost more scandalously, the coach gathered all his staff in the locker room, asked them to breathe deeply, to calm down. He took the ball in his hands, stared at it and, raising it high, began by saying: “Gentlemen, let’s go back to the beginning. This is … a soccer ball. “

It was necessary, at that moment, to begin at the beginning, for the basic concept.

The market are companies + products + consumers

In such a dynamic environment, which moves at such an impressive speed, where tools, options and possibilities abound, it is easy to stop on the way to smell the flowers and get distracted by this new application that is just coming out of the oven. of package and with so many benefits. Has it ever happened to you? Surely you’ve heard the story of the boy who got lost in the woods and could not go home, right?

In times like those we live in today, where every day a new digital tool emerges, it is worth remembering a fundamental concept of marketing and business: the business cycle is formed by a company that generates a product or service for the use of a consumer in exchange for a benefit that is usually money.

There is nothing else! All other considerations that you can make, revolve around this fundamental concept. If one of these elements is missing, the market as such does not exist. Let’s do the test. Let’s imagine for a moment that the company does not exist. Who develops the product? Surely we will say: “Well, someone will think of it”. And we will have to admit that yes, someone will come up with something and, at that moment, that person has taken the place of “the company”.

With the new tools in social networks, let’s not stop in the middle

Marketing in social networks exists to connect with a customer in a digital and extraordinary way, and with specific objectives, whether it is selling, relating, or any other that you choose. Again, it is still marketing but in a digital and social environment.

In this social environment in which we have decided to meet our client, there are many beautiful trees, large and leafy. Each of them represents a tool in Social Networks, both old ones and those that have appeared more recently. Many of these trees are so striking that it is difficult not to get lost in their kindness and forget that we are in this forest to meet our client.

We must not lose the center. Our goal is not to stop to smell flowers, or see each tree, or each tool individually, but to find our client. If the trees are distracting our attention more than they should, preventing us from seeing where our client is, it is time to rethink some things and start over.

The gold of social networks, whatever the platform of our choice, is the wonderful opportunity they offer to relate to our client in a way never before seen, without limits of time, physical space or geographical distances.

Let’s turn the trees into bridges that connect you with your client

Let’s make the most of the benefits offered by each tree, be it facebook, Google+, twitter, Pinterest, Blogger, WordPress, Foursquare, Linkedin or any other kind, to establish a bond with our client, with our audience, that In the end it was the reason why we decided to come to this forest called “social networks”.

Let’s not stop in the middle. Building bridges of connection with our audience, we will be directing our efforts to achieve the objective that brought us here and obtaining for the company the greatest benefit of its social marketing plan.

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