Users only look for trusted brands to follow in Social Media

There is no doubt that consumers use Social Media for a large number of reasons, but, without a doubt, we can affirm that, if they seek to be emotionally linked to a brand to which they are loyal or seek the brand that others colleagues recommend, Social Networks have become a means that influences many consumers.

And is that users look for trusted brands to follow in Social Media. Thanks to Social Networks, the brands that hide behind their logos no longer have a place, but depend on the opinions that users have of them, of the brand experience that each company is capable of creating. In these times, the new media considerably favor the communication between audience and brand, establishing bidirectional channels between both parties. The positive experiences, but, especially the negative ones, are viralized and shared with millions of people in a matter of seconds.

Users are no longer dazzled by neon lights or grandiose ads, but are aware of the properties of a product or the quality of a service thanks to what other users share on social networks.

Consumers follow brands more and more frequently, especially women, as revealed by a study by Burst Media in the US that shows what are the main reasons why consumers follow brands in Social Media .

This study shows how 45% of women follow a brand because it keeps the user informed with current content, a percentage that is significantly lower in the male population, which reaches 31%. In addition, 42% of women share content with their family, friends and acquaintances, while only 26% of men do.

The study also shows that 33% of women interact by writing opinions or comments about brands compared to 29% of men, and that the percentage is equal when it comes to seeing what others are saying.

By companies, and as indicated by a survey conducted by ClickFox, Americans are more loyal to fast food companies, with 57%, followed by 51% who declares their loyalty to technology companies and gadget manufacturers. At a distance, 44% of users follow the Health and Fitness companies, while the providers that follow the wireless connection providers reach 43%.

When measuring the influence on purchasing decisions, it should be noted that, according to a study conducted by Ipsos OTX and Ipsos Global, Americans say that they would buy a product by 18% for the simple reason that a friend or acquaintance I recommended it and followed it on Social Networks.

It also notes that users under 35 are more influenced by other users, while those who are less influenced are users over 50 years.

Undoubtedly, the recommendation is and will be a very decisive factor when purchasing a product or service, so brands are forced to make consumers recommend them.

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