Tips to get more engagement with mobile app

Mobiles have come to redefine the way people relate, as well as people with companies. We have experienced a rapid adoption of these pocket devices, to the point that it is expected that in 2016 80% of the population has a smartphone

E-commerce has greatly benefited from this new situation, reaching a current business volume of around 6 trillion dollars. Companies must be there where their customers are, in a timely manner. Already 25 of the 30 most important retail companies has an app for mobile.

You know that users turn to mobile devices to find information about the products that interest them and compare prices. The app is a useful tool to offer them the information they are looking for, they must know how to hook and take them to action, it is estimated that the average time of daily use of mobile app is 94 minutes a day. For your experience to be effective, you must meet these requirements:

Constitute as a private channel between the company and the user; a place where clients access on their own initiative, driven by an incentive, material, emotional good; and with the idea of ​​reaching promised benefits, which should not disappoint them. They bet on the company, willingly offering the data, but want something in return and, above all, that it is not an advertising medium without more.

Select carefully when to send notifications. Choose the right moment, as well as the frequency of the shipment. The success of the letter depends to a great extent on this. You have to find out just when our presence will be well received.

Customize the experience to the fullest. The app must have a panel that allows the user to clearly and intuitively select their tastes and preferences, in such a way that you can define the message as much as possible and avoid contaminating your inbox with non-relevant information.

It provides information of interest, oriented to conversion. Design irresistible offers suited to your preferences. Perform A / B testing to find out the most effective way to present the information. It would also be interesting to implement the possibility of remembering if you have abandoned a shopping cart, and offer the possibility of recovering it.

It is not a sales channel, but a means of communication with the client,a very valuable instrument to generate engagement. Visit him with attractive content, that hooks. Games and videos enjoy great popularity among users, especially if they can share them with their contacts. Use it in your favor and transmit information about the company in these creative formats.

Monitor the response time of each shipment, analyze the result of your household; readjust and outline your actions until they surpass their conversion index day by day.

Use the advantages of gelocalization in your actions, provide a high degree of segmentation and specialization. Specially indicated for the realization of a campaign of coupons or offers in a specific metropolitan area.

Promote the app on other channels, both online and offline,even the most conventional ones; For example, if you have a physical store, it is a golden opportunity to attract your current customers. Encourage your users to use it with interesting incentives.

The apps have great potential as a direct sales tool, due to their high degree of proximity and closeness to the customer, who opens the doors of their smartphone, and expects the message to meet their expectations. Does your company already have a mobile app?

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