Planning An Outdoor Event

If you’re planning an outdoor event then there are some important things you need to consider in order for your event to run smoothly and be a success. Often an outdoor event can be more difficult to organise than an indoor one so prepare, plan and take note of these handy hints:

  1. Noise and Safety

Every town or village will have some rules about the level of noise permitted. You’ll need to establish if noise is prohibited after certain times, fire and safety procedures, capacity allowances and seating arrangements. Make an appointment to speak to your local authority and get a full list of what’s permitted and what isn’t.

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  1. Permits

Will you need a permit or license to operate your event? Getting this organised early on will ensure that there are no embarrassing premature ends to your event that leave you in trouble with the authorities.

  1. Layout

If logistics aren’t your strong point then find some professional assistance. Visit the site, take photos and then sketch where you want things to be placed. Think about how vendors and performers will access the site for loading and unloading purposes, how many crew members will be accompanying the performers and how much parking you’ll need. It’s a good idea to have a meeting with all your suppliers, stall holders, and anyone else involved in the event so everything can be coordinated ahead of time.

  1. Facilities

Your guests will need plenty of places to get a drink and also adequate sanitation services. Fail here and your event can be a disaster. Nobody wants to queue for an age to use the toilet, especially when you have guests with children. You’ll also need to provide for behind the scenes crew as well.

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  1. First Aid

A large event or an event in a remote location will need to have some form of medical assistance on standby. A first aid tent and qualified emergency first aiders could be provided instead as a minimum. For Events Medical Cover, visit

  1. Weather

This is a major consideration for any outdoor event and the most common problem that can cause an event to be cancelled. After all the hard work that’s been put into your event, a cancellation would be a nightmare so make sure you have weather insurance and check forecasts as close to the date as possible. If you’re in a location that could feel the wind then make sure everything is properly fixed down.

  1. Communication

Make sure all your staff or helpers have access to a means of communication, whether that be phones or walkie-talkies. It will be quicker to see to any problems and more efficient if you can get hold of people quickly and easily.

  1. Clean Up

When the event is over, make sure you leave the site in the condition you found. Just because the event is over, you will still have work to do in the clean-up. You might wish to hire a firm that specialises in this kind of cleaning task if it’s going to be too big for you to cope with alone.



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