Are these the UK’s strangest job titles?

If you ask your friends and family what their job title is, you’ll probably have a good idea of what it means. Some are pretty straightforward, but others you might need a probing question or two to fully understand their role. However, can you guess what a scrum master or chemometrician does? If you’re like most people, you probably can’t. Take a look at some of the weird, wonderful, and most importantly, real job titles that were advertised in the UK.

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Air cartographer

You’d be right in guessing that this role has something to do with aviation. You probably didn’t guess that the role involves planning and creating the flight plans for the RAF whilst ensuring flight safety.

Customer Happiness Hero

With so much positivity in this job title, you’d be inclined to apply for the job before fully knowing what it is. In truth, this is a fancy name for customer service, although happiness hero does sound more inviting.

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Paranoid in Chief

One of the most inventive job titles goes to Yahoo, who reinvented the role of chief information security officer. Paranoid in chief definitely sounds much better, doesn’t it?

Scrum master

Nope, this has nothing to do with rugby. A scrum master takes control of a development team and acts as a facilitator to help make quick changes and manage how information is shared. There are even scrum master courses, so if you’re looking for scrum master training in Dublin, you can look at sites such as for more information.


Unless you speak Portuguese, you’re unlikely to guess the meaning of this job title, and even then, it might not be entirely clear. Meaning “head of the family”, Patrão is the name given to the general manager of Nando’s.


Although it sounds medical, this job title describes a statistician or scientist who specialises in Chemometrics. Don’t worry if you’re still lost; this basically entails using statistics to design and evaluate experiments and their data.


Here’s one that some of you might have heard of. Although it sounds like a very remarkable job title, you don’t quite have to be Albert Einstein to be a genius at the Apple Store. It does help if you are good at troubleshooting and repairing products, which is the main focus of their role.

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