Five reason business travellers prefer serviced apartments

Working away from home is normal in today’s business world, so is there a cheaper, more comfortable option to hotel accommodation? Let’s take a look at serviced apartments.

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Whether you’re travelling abroad or commuting around the UK, hotel accommodation can be expensive and tiresome. Eating alone at a corner table in the hotel restaurant, using room service if you need extra food or drinks, using the mini-bar and laundry services, all this adds up if you commute regularly.

Apartments – key benefits

1. Serviced apartments give you more freedom and more space. They come complete with fitted kitchens, normally with washing machine and dryers, and can have one, two or three bedrooms. This offers additional benefits if you are travelling with a colleague, as you would both be staying for the price of one.

2. The fitted kitchen would allow you to make your own meals, at your own convenience, and having a refrigerator would allow you to stock up with food and drinks to your taste. You can still work on your laptop while preparing and eating your evening meal, or if you wish, you have the option of going out for supper.

3. Serviced apartments will give you more privacy, as there won’t be as many people coming and going.

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4. You can unpack and not live out of a suitcase. If you are a regular commuter, you can lock up your apartment on a Friday night and return on Monday morning, without the hassle of carrying suitcases around. Surprisingly, it is cheaper to book a seven-day serviced apartment than a four-night hotel stay.

5. You have more space, therefore you have the option to hold a business meeting at your apartment, instead of having to book meeting rooms in the hotel. You are also able to bring the family down to the city for the weekend, with free accommodation.


Serviced apartments are available all over the UK, for example, Birmingham serviced apartments, and are ideal for any traveller, giving you the chance to have a city break at a much lower cost than a hotel stay.

Serviced apartments are a more flexible method of working away from home, and will give you the feeling of home from home, with Wi-Fi and all the other gadgets we need in our daily routine.

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