The integration of customer service with Social Media is increasing

When we ask companies for their degree of integration into Social Media, they recognize a gradual adaptation to this new medium; but this integration has not yet given way to a practical application, that social networks have really become a channel for customer service, as a scenario of rapprochement between the brand and its followers.

This and other interesting conclusions are derived from the Client’s Social Commitment Index, prepared annually by Brent Leary in collaboration with Social Media Today. It seeks to discover the degree of engagement that companies generate through social networks, their behavior patterns and the effort and dedication they use to win the customer in Social Media.

In Social Media it is not enough to have goodwill, you have to act

The companies show a positive attitude towards Social Media and their intention to approach the client in this environment, but in fact they do not invest enough to get it. 2 out of 3 companies admit that they use social networks as a customer service channel, even 87.5% of them make a positive evaluation of the results. However, reality tells us that the performance of the company does not meet the needs of users; these are increasingly connected, require a greater degree of attention, which is not covered, given the lack of resources on the part of the brand.

Companies do not invest what is necessary in social networks

The importance that the companies grant to the Social Media is not at all compensated with the destined economic resources destined to its management. Only 1 in 4 companies makes a significant investment in this medium.

Integration of the Customer Service with Social Media is increasing

According to the study, in 2012 45.2% of the companies declared having integrated Social Media in their customer service; a figure higher than that registered the previous year, which was 35.6% of the companies. Of the companies that recognize to practice the Social Customer Service, 73.2% are already veteran in this medium, since it has been using social networks for more than 2 years.

Customer response on social channels leaves much room for improvisation

As for the way to use this new channel of attention to the users, the practice of the companies reveals some lack of strategy and planning. 38.4% act on an improvised basis, depending on the situation, does not have an action plan as such; while approximately 11% do not respond to users, or their responses are not personalized, or only 15.6% of brands analyze the context of the situation before answering.

How long does it take companies to take action?

A third of companies will report that they respond to their followers in less than an hour, while a similar percentage places the average response time within a period of no more than 4 hours. In any case, most companies try to answer on the same day that they receive a request from their client.
The main reasons that delay the response period are the search for a response, in 41% of cases; waiting for instructions on how to respond (34%); or find an appropriate response (27%). This situation would be greatly improved if the companies had a strategy of social networks that included a plan of action in the most common situations.

In short, the customer service in social networks still has much to improve, is in an incipient phase. For their development, companies need to be truly aware of their importance, so that they allocate the necessary resources and have real professionals for their correct management.

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