Content Marketing should be at the heart of any Social Media strategy

The content attracts followers, who become the most effective ambassadors of the brand. In fact, one of the three main reasons users follow a brand is because it gives them interesting content. 6 out of 10 Twitter or Facebook followers would recommend a brand to follow, thus it is understood that 50% of buying decisions are influenced by word of mouth.

Content increases web traffic and increases site visibility

For 37% of marketers, corporate blogs are a high-value content type. Blogs on web pages generate up to 55% more visits and can increase the number of pages indexed by 434%. A blog that is constantly updated with information and relevant news, will grow in volume, quality and notoriety, which will attract readers, who in turn share their content. If this is really interesting, other blogs in the sector link it from your site, bringing more relevance to the web. Pages that have a blog get up to 87% more links than others.

In addition, blogs are 63% more effective at influencing a purchase decision than other information sources, such as magazines. 70% of consumers prefer to get information about a brand through their articles, than with their advertising. Even reading these posts can generate a positive attitude towards the brand, it’s all advantages.

3 out of 4 marketers recognize that content marketing favors the success of Social Media campaigns, 63% of companies also indicate that publishing content on social networks has increased the effectiveness of their marketing strategy. This factor also has a positive effect on the increase in sales; 61% of companies have gained new customers thanks to LinkedIn; 67% have taken advantage of Facebook and 53% indicate having obtained new buyers from the hand of Twitter. By way of example, let’s say that 2 out of 3 Twitter followers prefer to buy products from those brands they follow.

Ultimately, quality content must be the nerve center of any efficient marketing strategy, the engine that makes the rest of the elements of that strategy work. It is the asset that contributes the most value to the company, and drives the success of the rest of the actions. What is the position of content marketing in your Social Media strategy? Do you have a preferred place, or have you not yet discovered its full potential? Do not lose sight of this illustrated graphics.

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