Unmounting the EdgeRank

In recent times there is much talk about the importance of Facebook’s EdgeRank for SEO, claiming that the higher this value, the web positioning will be better, but, what is the EdgeRank? Do we know?

EdgeRank is the algorithm used by Facebook to determine where and what message appears in the news service of different users, being necessary to calculate three factors: affinity, weight and expiration time of each update.

The affinity measures the relationship between the user who sees that publication and the creator of the same, or what is the same, who has posted it on your wall, taking into account that the higher that relationship, the higher score you get. In this way, our news service will give priority to those of the users with whom we have a greater relationship. On the other hand, you have to keep in mind that by interacting intensely with another user, you will increase the chances of your stories appearing on our news service, but it does not mean that ours appear on your wall.

Not all publications have the same relevance in Facebook, each type of publication has a different weight for the social network.

Thus, the most “relevant” or the ones that weigh the most are the photos and the videos, hence the importance of having well nourished our biography of this type of files, followed by those publications that have inserted a link and, finally, the publications that contain text, pure and hard.

The engagement achieved with the users also influences considerably the relevance and the weight of the publications, reason why the objective is that many users interact with the publications and add, to enrich it, related links.

We also have to keep in mind that updates on Facebook are like cars, over time, they are losing their value, which is why it is essential that we do not let the updates cease to be new and fresh continuously, so that our wall do not devalue.

Therefore, EdgeRank is not, as many people think, a value in which you can not work, but rather, it is an indicator that we can improve with the activity of our Facebook profile.

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