70% of companies will allocate more resources to Social Media

Digital media have been putting in place within the marketing plan significantly. To the extent that are positioned as the fastest growing areas in terms of budget allocation.

According to data collected CMO Council, the digital marketing is attracting an important part of the overall marketing budget. In his report, drawn up globally, and in which more than 500 marketers, all 5 channels to reassert its presence in the digital marketing plan are at the expense of traditional media.

70% of companies will allocate more resources to Social MediaThus, we find that 70% of these companies will allocate more resources to social media, in the recruitment advertising (71%) and in the development of its online presence (69%). Moreover, online video will be boosted by 69% of respondents, who are also going to bet on the retargeting (67%) and search engine optimization (66%).

On the opposite side, we can see that the press will suffer the biggest budget cuts. For both newspapers (39%) and magazines (36%). Also, 24% also reduced their investment in television; a percentage very similar to limit its presence on radio (23%), or outdoor advertising (21%).

The report is not an apology to digital communication, but also shows the reluctance of marketers to the effectiveness of certain online media. Such is the case of banners, both your computer and mobile version, where about 40% prefer to maintain a stable investment, not reinforce your bet. In contrast, mobile search itself is an interesting area, not surprisingly, these smart devices are present throughout the process. Therefore, 52% of study participants increase their investment in this sector.

As for the most effective channels, according to the experience of respondents, search engine marketing is positioned as an effective strategy (48%). Second is followed by one of the quintessential traditional channels: fairs and events (47%). Then we find participation in social networks (42%).

As we can see, digital media every day demonstrate their effectiveness and their suitability as a way to reach the customer, and get a positive response to the brand. Conventional advertising, reduced to a uniform message in traditional channels has not been able to compete with the techniques and possibilities of the online medium. Which, together with the great economic investment involved it has caused irremediable displacement within the overall budget.

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