Social networks serve not to sell but to convince

Social networks are not a means of selling online, but a channel where the brand can come and conquer the consumer on the basis of proposals and actions that grab your attention and motivate you to want to know more.

Social Media strategy of a company fails to focus on talking about the benefits of the product but to show the most attractive, original and creative brand side. There are ways to publicize a product and create experiences around him, so that is the client who wants to be around. A potential options has managed to do it as anyone. its great visual appeal and ease of use have made it a must to show the most special of the brand and its creations tool side.

Social networks serve not to sell but to convinceIn September Business Insider data showed us how the visual web has been positioned above the rest of content. Hence the success of platforms like Pinterest, Tumblr or Instagram. This is great online storefronts where users can find the information that interests them, at a glance. A medium that has managed to change the way customers discover new products and interact with them; even modifying their way to buy onlien. 63% of consumers plan to use the online catalogs when buying, and 35% admit to using options when planning their purchases. This has led many companies to adapt its strategy to this new form of display content. Thus, according includes the Specialty Retail Report, 90% of retailers in the United States have an account at Instagram and Pinterest.

Thus, social networks have positioned themselves as a source of influence first level for women when buying, especially in the case of fashion and accessories. According to the study by Edison Research, Social networks rivaling fashion blogs when it comes to making purchasing decisions. Thus, 33% of respondents Facebook uses when making their purchasing decisions, with 31% of those seeking clothes for special occasions and 30% of those seeking clothing for professional use. Pinterest is the second network in order of influence; a role especially important when buying outfits for those special events (28%). Meanwhile, fashion blogs just get beat social networks, for these purchases, marking a maximum of 5% in the case of clothing for special moments.

Therefore, social networks do not act as a sales channel, but rather a source of inspiration and a place to strengthen the link with the brand. These channels are located at the beginning of the sales funnel, and must be able to exert the thread throughout the process.

A behavior that has made the big ecommerce turn your sales strategy around this habit. Thus, one of the main qualities of Amazon is its ability to show the product from all angles, relying on the power of the image its great selling point.

Social networks are now ubiquitous for consumers; a habit that brands have to integrate, to be part of the user experience. Thus, they will know when and how to act and, even more important: be there when the customer needs it. In the most decisive phase, which determines your satisfaction and can advance the complex path of loyalty.

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