Who said social media were not profitable for companies?

The Social Media have crept into the marketing budget of most companies.A fact that has undermined means other actions, such as online advertising. All a challenge, which involves betting on a medium on which is the less complex measure their results.

According to the 2014 State of Marketing, published by ExactTarget, 78% of companies include Social Media into your marketing strategy. As a result of these actions, more than a third of them (34%) admits that he had seen the return on your investment.

Social MediaA more than positive data that shows that social networks are not a bottomless pit, but it is possible them out a profitable game. Data ExactTarget also indicate that more than half of marketers are able to obtain some direct benefit of their actions on social media, while 66% indicated that social activity indirectly influences the performance of your business.

By contrast, only 23% of marketers openly states that advertising on social networks to be effective. A sign that the 2.0 channels are not the most suitable place to insert ads, but a means to the free flow of two-way communication and interaction between the brand and its community.

Definitely the heart of customers is not bought with money, but based on engagement and actions to their interests and aimed to capture their attention. One of the tools that marks are used to achieve this goal is content marketing, which allows you to create relevant parts, and later spread through all possible channels.

ExactTarget report shows a positive attitude by marketers to Social Media. More than half of them (52%) expect to get a positive ROI in the future, leading them to increase their investment in this area. In addition, 57% of these companies already have a team of professionals dedicated exclusively to the management of social networks, albeit in small numbers. 45% of the more than 2,300 companies surveyed has only one person in charge of these functions, while 40% have a team of 2 or 3 components.

According to the data it appears that Social Media have dispelled doubts that hovered about its effectiveness, showing its scope and possibilities and establishing itself as deserving worthy of the confidence of marketers.

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